The Threefold Oracle

An oracle deck consisting of three different versions of the Major Arcana of the Tarot for a total of 66 cards. It was created over a period of three years and incorporates over 15 years of Tarot study. This deck is intended for divinatory and inspirational purposes. A booklet fully explaining each of the 66 images and their symbolism and significance is available from CreateSpace or for free download when you buy the deck at Game Crafter.

Each of the three sets of cards has been executed in a different medium. The first set, shown with white borders, are mixed media including watercolor crayon, watercolor pencil, acrylic and marker. The second set, bordered in red, are linoleum block prints in white ink (colored with watercolor) on black paper. The third set, bordered in black, are simple watercolor and black ink.

Set One: Mixed Media


Set Two: Linoleum Block Prints


Set Three: Simple Watercolor