Self Portrait. Micron on paper in sketchbook. June 2017.

I drew this over the last couple of days in a tea shop and by the river trying to stay cool during a heat wave in Portland. I’ve been reading John Crowley’s version of The Chemical Wedding and have had alchemical processes on my mind, which obviously influenced this.

This past winter when I was really depressed and going through an existential life crisis I started this painting full of angst and sacrificial feelings but never finished it. Now that I’m on the flip side of that I started painting roses over it. This pretty much sums up where I’m at right now. The blackening period is over and I’m on to the whitening and reddening phases. I’ve been inspired lately by walking around Portland and experiencing all the roses in bloom.

Welcome to my new website. It finally got that long overdue remodel. ┬áRenewal seems to be a common theme running throughout all areas of my life these days. I’m five days out from my 35th birthday and just went through a major life transition. I’m living in a new apartment and seeking new opportunities and perspectives. And I’m recommitting myself to the creative process, so there will be lots more art to come. I will be updating this blog weekly. Here’s the first drawing I did in the new sketchbook I just got. Cheers!