I am a visual artist originally from Gainesville, Florida and currently living in Portland, Oregon. I have also lived in Tallahassee, Florida (3 years), Asheville, North Carolina (2 years) and Austin, Texas (8 years). I’ve moved around the country a lot and don’t really have a sense of having roots. My parents came from South Florida and Long Island, NY and their parents came from Pennsylvania and Italy. My biological parents are both astrologers (they actually met in an astrology class) and lived on a kind of hippy commune place called the Temple of the Universe before I was born. They divorced and remarried when I was young (I have the world’s best stepdad) and I grew up without siblings (kind of, long story) or near any cousins or extended family members. My friends have always been my family and my friendships are a very important part of my life. I have always been serious about creating as my life path. 
I earned a BFA degree from Florida State University in 2004 on a full scholarship from the state of Florida, majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in Drawing and Painting (still my primary art form) and a minor in Art History. I like to read both fiction and non fiction and get a lot of artistic inspiration from things that I read, especially on the subjects of history, culture and the occult. I also find inspiration in music, nature, dreams, my emotions and observations of mundane reality.
In addition to 2D art forms, I have experimented with ceramic sculpture, mosaic and mixed media assemblage. In 2016 I began to pursue the study of metal jewelry fabrication.
Part of my creative process involves keeping a series of sketchbooks or visual journals filled with drawings and collages as a way of documenting my life. This practice started around 1998 and continues. I keep a written journal as well. I’m fascinated by photography as a medium of documentation, although I have never pursued it seriously beyond taking a few classes.
I have been studying the Tarot since the age of 13 and created a 66 card Tarot-based oracle deck called the Threefold Oracle in 2012. One long term plan of mine is to create another more traditional 78 card Tarot deck.
I have also organized and participated in many art shows throughout the years. My first show was at the Civic Media Center in Gainesville in 1998 with painter Blake Harrison and I have most recently shown my paintings at the Crimson Lotus Bar in the St Johns neighborhood of Portland (autumn 2016).
Feel free to contact me here with any questions, or to inquire about purchasing prints or originals.