Tree of Life/Survival

I didn’t post here yesterday as I usually do on Sunday because I was listening to sea lions, getting impaled by sand spurs, collecting bones and jumping into the ice cold Pacific Ocean like a crazy person. Today back in Portland the light has been an eerie shadowy hot pink hue due to the forest fires which are still raging all over the West. The sky looks like the end of the world has come and gone, or is at least immanent. In contrast my homeland in the opposite corner of the country has been getting inundated with water and is gearing up for a hurricane. It is a time of extremes.

This is something I drew in my sketchbook recently. The tree of life continues to be a recurring theme in my work/life it seems. I’m thinking of all the immolating trees in the Columbia River Gorge and across the region and hoping for the renewal and vitality of future forests.

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